US Representative for New Hampshire District 1
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Mindi for Congress

New Hampshire District 1


Justice is the salvation of Democracy. I will fight for economic, gender, racial, social, criminal and environmental justice in Washington.


We must move forward, not backward. I will work to transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of people regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Healthcare is a basic human right; every citizen, regardless of health or economic status, deserves full access to high-quality healthcare. Health is key to overall well-being and economic stability for all. The only way to solve our national healthcare crisis is to expand Medicare to all.


I will fight for at least a $15 minimum wage and for a tax code that works for the 99% of us—not just for corporations.


Every American has a right to clean air and clean water. In Congress, I will continue to fight lobbyists, the administration, and special interests to safeguard and reform regulations and policies meant to prevent cancer and chronic illness.

Social Security

I will fight to expand Social Security to lift Americans out of poverty, let people retire with dignity, and take care of our veterans and disabled citizens and their families.


If you are raising a family in NH and she is your representative - you are lucky because she is doing the job of every mom and dad in our community. She is guarding them like they were her own.
— BIll Couzens - Founder of
2018 National Cancer Prevention Workshop Comments - Mindi Messmer; Wrapping up the Workshop
This week an amazing thing happened in the New Hampshire State House. Representatives John Cloutier of Claremont and Latha Mangipudi of Nashua in support of my Anti-Hate Resolution, HCR13 about their experiences with hate in New Hampshire. The testimony was moving and I believe the passage of the Resolution is healing.
NH Dem Mindi Messmer speaks at Women's March in Portsmouth NH after being invited, dis-invited and re-invited after rival male candidate tries to get her off program.

Advocating for Public Health in our Communities

If you had told me a few years ago that I would become an elected official or a Congressional candidate, I would have never believed you.  I am not a career politician or an attorney - I'm a scientist and a mother who identified a problem in my community a few years ago and I had to use my expertise to help.  Here's the story about what happened next.

In 2014, I discovered that kids were getting sick and some were dying of rare pediatric cancers across the New Hampshire Seacoast.

I was horrified. As a mom and as a trained scientist, I knew we needed an investigation. Two years after I reported it, the State of New Hampshire finally admitted there was a double pediatric cancer cluster in a five-town area of the seacoast. When the state dragged its heels on my recommendations to test the water and soil of affected homes, I notified the press and we started a fight for those families that continues today.

After being elected to the state legislature in 2016, I saw how my problem-solving approach as a scientist helped bridge gaps and bring people together on environmental policy-making and many other issues. Now I need your help to do the same in Congress. Read More ->

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Letter to the Editor

Many people talk a good game. Mindi shows up. She does her homework. She brings highly specialized knowledge to the table. She files legislation. She reaches across the aisle. And she doesn’t give up. She will be a worthy successor to CSP.
— David Meuse of Portsmouth


Science is Emergent Truth - Let's Send Mindi To Washington.


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