US Representative for New Hampshire District 1

Letters to the Editor

Read why supporters endorse Mindi.

Debunking idiocy with scientific facts

Scientists have been expressing concerns about the detrimental effect of fossil fuels on the planet from at least as far back as 1912 as evidenced by a 14 August 1912 article in a New Zealand newspaper, headlined “Coal Consumption Affecting Climate,” which read:

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Kimberly Sychterz
Letter to the Editor: Messmer for Congress

"I support Mindi Messmer for Congress because Mindi embodies what it truly means to be a representative of the people and has proven herself a steadfast champion of the people of the district she serves as a NH State Representative. Mindi is a fighter and a no-nonsense candidate who we can trust to keep her promises. Mindi refuses to accept any money from corporations or DC Lobbyists and cannot be bought."

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Mindi Messmer