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Recently, I was joined by fellow women legislators who expressed concerns to our New Hampshire federal delegation about the president's ability to use nuclear weapons as a first strike. We are concerned that the president is not required to consult with any advisors before issuing a launch of nuclear arms.  

It seems like each day we wake up to another tweet where the current president is kicking a hornet's nest by openly and aggressively elevating the conversation with other world leaders.  

This has to stop. But we also must take the unilateral ability to declare nuclear war for our children, their children and generations to come.

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SB-224 Conversion Therapy (Gay Reparative Therapy) Call, Email or put a letter to the editor in by January 9, 2018!!

The committee voted on party lines to kill this bill that would prohibit this kind of damaging therapy in New Hampshire.  Conversion therapy includes attempts to reduce or eliminate same-sex attraction and transgender identity like using shame to instill self-loathing; or aversive conditioning like induced nausea. The American Psychiatric Association, says The potential risks of conversion therapy are great, including depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior, since therapist alignment with societal prejudices against homosexuality may reinforce self-hatred already experienced by the patient.” Call your State Representative and tell them to OPPOSE the committee vote of ITL ("inexpedient to legisilate").

HB- 628 Bill to Establish Family and Medical Leave Insurance Call, Email or put a letter to the editor in by January 9, 2018!!

The committee voted ought to pass and the bill is scheduled for a full floor vote on January 9, 2018.  HB 628 would create a system for working people to take up to 12 weeks of leave with up to 60% wage replacement to care for themselves or a family member. The program would be run by the department that administers unemployment insurance and would be funded through employee payroll contributions, costing the average employee $5 per week.Call your State Representative  and tell them to SUPPORT the committee vote of ought to pass (OTPA).

HB 413 Bill Relative to Payment by the State of a Portion of the Retirement System Contributions of Political Subdivision Employers Call, Email or put a letter to the editor in by January 9, 2018!!

The Finance Committee by a 17-9 vote to kill HB 413 which would require the state to contribute 15% of the retirement costs for teachers, firefighters and police.  This action by the Finance Committee flies in the face of votes earlier this year by the policy committee, Executive Departments and Administration 10-9 in support of the bill and an overwhelming 267-83 vote of the House to pass HB 413.  There will be a fight to overturn the Finance committee recomendation so the state will make good on its promise to reinvest in our firefighers, teachers and police.  Call your House Representatives and tell them to OPPOSE the finance committee recommendation and SUPPORT a following motion to PASS HB 413.  Support our hard working public servants!!


Hearings for proposed bills are starting in early January. The great thing about New Hampshire is that every bill proposed by any legislator is given a hearing. Sometime after the hearing the bill is discussed and either sent to a subcommittee if it needs work, and/or goes to Executive Committee vote.  Once voted on, the bill goes to the full house floor for a vote. Hearings are great opportunities for you to have your voice be heard and is a really important step in the process of processing legislation in our state.  You can email or call the representatives on the committee and tell them how you feel and even better show up on the hearing day sign in and even testify about why you think the bill is important or if you disagree. Here is a summary of the legislation I proposed, am co-sponsoring or tracking this session. Get involved!  All hearings are held in Concord at the Legislative Office Building or the State House.

We NEED you THIS week to email and/or call Committee members or come to Concord!