On the Issues


Justice is the salvation of Democracy. I will fight for economic, gender, racial, social, criminal and environmental justice in Washington.


We must move forward, not backward. I will work to transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of people regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Healthcare is a basic human right; every citizen, regardless of health or economic status, deserves full access to high-quality healthcare. Health is key to overall well-being and economic stability for all. The only way to solve our national healthcare crisis is to expand Medicare to all.


I will fight for at least a $15 minimum wage and for a tax code that works for the 99% of us—not just for corporations.


Every American has a right to clean air and clean water. In Congress, I will continue to fight lobbyists, the administration, and special interests to safeguard and reform regulations and policies meant to prevent cancer and chronic illness.

Social Security

I will fight to expand Social Security to lift Americans out of poverty, let people retire with dignity, and take care of our veterans and disabled citizens and their families.